HashKey Weekly Round-Up | 2 December 2022


I. HashKey Group Announces New Collaboration with Alibaba Cloud and PlatON














HashKey Group has unveiled a collaboration with Alibaba Cloud and blockchain service provider PlatON to kickstart a series of Web3 collaboration projects, including co-developing an infrastructure and technology platform for Web3 developers to build applications and protocols.

The collaboration was officially announced and formalised in an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) signing ceremony at the Alibaba Cloud Summit Hong Kong 2022

Dr. Xiao Feng, Chairman of HashKey Group, gave a keynote speech at the Summit, where he shared his thoughts on the potential and future development of Web3. Alibaba Cloud also worked with HashKey Group and HashKey DID to create a limited-edition Soulbound Token named "Alibaba Cloud Bao" for all attendees to claim via the HashKey DID app at www.hashkey.id.



II. HashKey Podcast: The Case for Digital Assets in a Portfolio


Were you thinking of how to appropriately allocate digital assets to your portfolio and manage the risks associated with this asset class? Well, we've got a great one for you!

In our latest episode on the Crypto Savvy: The Essentials Podcast, host Jason Li caught up with Aleksey Mironenko, Global Head of Investment Solutions at Leo Wealth, a boutique wealth management firm with offices in Asia and the United States.

An avid rower and runner in his free time, Aleksey defines what a "well-constructed" and "cost efficient" portfolio is, and which category of digital assets he is most bullish about under the current macro environment.

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III. Asia Crypto Insights: zkSNARKs and the Latest Crypto Funding Rounds


HashKey Capital has just published its latest Asia Crypto Insights Newsletter (October 2022 edition). The report takes a deep-dive into zkSNARKs, the de facto backbone of zero-knowledge technology, breaking down how SNARKs came to be (i.e. its evolution) primarily with respect to Plonk and its variants. 

In addition, we pick apart the latest high-profile crypto funding rounds from October, specifically by ChainSafe, Notif and Notebook Labs. Subscribe to HashKey Capital's newsletters so you stay up to date with its latest industry analysis, updates and crypto funding news.





The 7-day average APR of ETH liquid staking on EPotter, an institutional-grade Proof-of-Stake validation service by HashKey Group, has reached over 10%!

Learn how you can put your idle ETH to "work" at www.epotter.io



V. Key Weekly Data 


A. Market Data
(as of 1 December 2022)

• Total market value: US$859 billion (Source: CoinMarketCap)

• Total exchange volume of Bitcoin and Ethereum (7DMA): Bitcoin - US$6.7 billion; Ether - US$1.92 billion (Source: The Block Research)

• DEX 7-day growth: -21% compared to last week (US$10 billion) (Source: Dune Analytics)