Fraud, Corruption and Insolvency in the Crypto Space​



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Despite people being well aware of the prevalence of unlawful behaviours in the crypto space, the sheer number of frauds and scams is seeing no sign of slowing down. Alvarez & Marsal (A&M) is a global law firm that has developed a unique approach using blockchain technology and data analytics to pre-empt and investigate crypto fraud. We sat down with Henry Chambers and Jay Kim from A&M to unpack the most common categories of crypto fraud, techniques used to prevent them, and how can the institutions and retail participants protect themselves from rug pulls and scams.

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Henry Chambers Henry Chambers heads up Alvarez & Marsal’s crypto and digital asset practice in Hong Kong, specialising in fraud, corruption and regulatory investigations. Henry has worked all over the world on numerous major fraud and corruption investigations and has also spent time working at the UK’s Serious Fraud Office.

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Jay Kim Jay Kim is a Director with Alvarez & Marsal. Jay leads the firm’s data analytics and digital asset investigations practice in the Asia region on investigations, performance improvement and insolvency matters.

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