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Whenever crypto firms and institutions want to borrow money, they often find it challenging to take out a loan from traditional lenders such as banks; and when they turn to DeFi, these protocols’ overcollateralisation requirements often eat into the borrowers’ ability to efficiently use their capital. Because of this, Clearpool, founded in 2021, came up with a solution, where institutional borrowers can access unsecured loans directly from their ecosystem.
Listen to how its CEO and Co-Founder, Rob Alcorn, describes the logic and mechanism behind Clearpool’s innovative uncollateralized lending protocol. Rob also explains the measures they take to minimise counter-party risks, why lenders are naturally incentivised to provide liquidity onto the platform.


Rob Alcorn is the Co-Founder and CEO of Clearpool. A CFA Charterholder and holder of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Fintech Certificate in Future Commerce, Rob’s career spans more than two decades, including 10 years as an entrepreneur, and 12 years in the global financial markets, specifically in fixed income, liquidity and collateral trading. He has been involved in digital assets since 2015. Connect with him on Twitter.

Guest:Rob Alcorn

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