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Web3 New Economy and Tokenization Whitepaper

24 December 2023

The Web3 new economy will surpass the Internet economy in terms of the economic system, economic organization, financial system, value creation laws, value distribution laws, stakeholders, business models, distributed decision-making mechanisms, and value capture. Unlike the value capture feature of the "thin protocol, fat application" in the Internet economy, the Web3 new economy is "fat protocol, fat application". The underlying protocol stack of the Web3 new economy has built-in money systems and value systems, and value creation can be performed at the protocol layer. At the application layer, the Web3 new economy will integrate many digital technologies, and the space for value creation will be no less than that of the Internet economy.


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1 November 2023

What is HSK?
HSK is HashKey platform token based on the ERC-20 standard protocol that incentivizes contributors across HashKey's ecosystem, fuel the growth of the entire ecosystem. As Hong Kong's licensed exchange, HashKey Exchange will continuously spearhead and expand HSK use cases.

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