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“Tokenising value for Web3” -- HashKey Tokenisation is the tokenisation arm of HashKey Group, an Asian end-to-end digital asset finance group.

HashKey Tokenisation specializes in advising and facilitating the tokenisation of various types of assets, with a particular focus on Web3 native assets. From expert guidance on token economics design and strategic legal structuring, to the actual execution of asset tokenisation, our end-to-end service encompasses every stage of the tokenisation process. A pioneer in shaping the future of decentralisation, we are dedicated to empowering our clients in extracting and maximising the value of their Web3 projects.

1  —

Issuance service

  • Technology Solution

  • Token pricing / distribution

  • Market maker / Exchange selection

  • Resource coordination / networking

2  —

Economic Mechanisms

  • Token economic mechanism design and iteration

  • ​Simulation

  • DAO governance model design

3 —

Legal compliance

  • Legal compliance solutions

  • Ongoing legal compliance consulting services

4 —

Other advisory

  • Technology

  • Investment

  • Marketing and Community

  • Governance advisory services

We provide full-scale 0 to 1 advisory and execution services from concept initiation all the way to product listing

Value added service

Provide our clients valuable insights and ideas on Web 3 strategies and tokenomics, and identify market opportunities with our specialized expertise.

Add value by designing, consulting, and advising various business needs including capital-light and high capital businesses

Create a thriving ecosystem within the business and support functions of HashKey Group and its partnerships

We assist our clients in realizing the full potential of Web 3 technology with our professional expertise, high-quality research, and technological advice.

From this research conducted by HashKey Tokenisation, we provide insights into the transformative impact of tokenisation on financial landscapes, as well as its potential in disrupting multi-trillion-dollar industries, through real-world examples such as supply chain finance, commercial real estate and art.

With fractionalisation and efficient technology, tokenisation can convert illiquid, privately held assets into liquid, high-quality backed by valuable collaterals. While the first wave of tokenisation projects was fuelled by market efficiency improvement, we believe the real long-term opportunity lies in the integration of tokenisation with the coming convergence of blockchain and Internet of things (IoT) technologies. This integration will unlock almost limitless opportunities for investors, asset holders and entrepreneurs – the only boundary being human imagination.

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