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This material is provided by HashKey Digital Asset Group Limited, or its affiliates (“HashKey Group”). Unless otherwise specified, the following should be read in conjunction with any and all news releases by HashKey Group.

This material is for general information purposes only. It does not constitute, nor should be interpreted as, any form of solicitation, offer or recommendation of any product or service. It does not constitute investment, tax or legal advice. In no event should any news release be considered as recommendation of a particular type of digital asset.

This material may include market data prepared by HashKey Group or data from third party sources. While HashKey Group makes reasonable efforts to ensure the reliability of such third-party information, such information may have not been verified. Graphics are for reference only. We make no representation or warranty, express or implied, to the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of the information in this material. Information may become outdated, including as a result of new plans, regulations or changes in the market. In making investment decisions, investors should not solely rely on the information contained in this material. The risk of loss in trading digital assets can be substantial and is not suitable for all investors.

Any forward-looking statements in this material is subject to several conditions, uncertainties and assumptions. We undertake no obligation to update or revise any forward-looking statements.

The English version shall prevail if there is any inconsistency between the English and Chinese versions.

Where participation in campaigns or events of HashKey Group is involved

Participation in any campaign or event of HashKey Group does not guarantee eligibility, acceptance, or receipt of any rewards, benefits, or incentives. No rewards, benefits or incentives may be exchange for cash or other products. HashKey Group may impose certain criteria, requirements, or limitations for participation, and it reserves the right to deny or disqualify individuals or entities from participating in the campaign or event at any time. HashKey Group reserves the right to make changes, modify, or cancel the campaign or event or the eligibility of any participant at any time at its sole discretion, including due to internal control, system issues or other circumstances, without any prior notice or liability.

Participation in any campaign or event of HashKey Group may involve the acquisition of digital assets. Please be aware that digital assets, including cryptocurrencies, are highly volatile and subject to market risks. The value of digital assets can fluctuate significantly, and there is no guarantee of profit or preservation of capital. You should carefully consider your own risk tolerance and financial situation before participating in the campaign or event.

Participants are responsible for complying with all applicable laws, regulations, and guidelines related to the acquisition, possession, use, or trading of digital assets. It is your responsibility to ensure that your participation in any campaign or event of HashKey Group is lawful in your jurisdiction and that you meet any required legal and regulatory obligations. Besides these standard terms and disclaimers, campaign or event is subject to specific terms and conditions applicable to it. A person who is not a party to these terms and conditions has no rights to enforce any of their terms.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, HashKey Group, its affiliates, partners, and employees shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages arising from participant’s participation in any campaign or event of HashKey Group, including but not limited to any loss of funds, profits, business, potential profits, data, or reputation.

HashKey Group reserves the ultimate discretion regarding the rules and rewards of any campaign or event of HashKey Group. HashKey Group’s decision is final.

For enquiries, please contact HashKey Group media team at

About HashKey Group

Established in 2018, HashKey Group is Asia’s leading end-to-end digital asset financial services group that upholds the principle of “compliance first”. Headquartered in Hong Kong with operations in Singapore, Tokyo, and Bermuda, the Group has a wide range of businesses that provide retail investors, large institutions, family offices, funds, and professional and accredited investors with innovative investment opportunities and end-to-end solutions in the fields of digital assets and the Web3 ecosystem.

Our core businesses include HashKey Exchange, a licensed virtual asset exchange regulated by the Hong Kong SFC; HashKey Capital, a global asset manager investing exclusively in blockchain technology and digital assets; HashKey Cloud, a leading provider of global Web3 infrastructure; HashKey Global, a global digital asset exchange that obtained Class “F” license under the Digital Asset Business Act 2018; HashKey Tokenisation, a tokenisation services provider, among others. To learn more about HashKey Group.

Please be aware that certain services, features, and campaigns may not be available in your jurisdiction. In particular, digital asset exchanges operated under HashKey Group does not service clients from Hong Kong (for HashKey Global), Mainland China and the United States and certain other jurisdictions in compliance with laws and regulations.

RISK WARNING ABOUT HSK: Please be aware that HSK is not currently listed on any exchange and there is no guarantee that it will be listed in the future. As a result, HSK presently has no established market value. The timeline for the potential listing of HSK remains uncertain. In the event that HSK is successfully listed, it may be subject to various trading restrictions in accordance with applicable regulations and laws. These restrictions may include, but are not limited to, limiting the trading of HSK solely to eligible professional investors in select locations and subject to regulatory approval. The value of HSK is subject to substantial risk and may diminish or fluctuate significantly in response to various market conditions and other factors beyond HashKey Group’s control. HashKey Group and its affiliates make no warranties, express or implied, in relation to HSK or any rewards and disclaims any liability relating thereto.

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