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  1. Internal Coordination: Responsible for internal coordination, liaising with compliance and legal teams to ensure all business activities comply with laws, regulations, and company policies.

  2. Process Optimization: Assist the Business Development (BD) team in streamlining business processes to enhance efficiency and effectiveness.

  3. Compliance Management: Help develop and implement compliance policies to ensure the company's operations adhere to relevant laws and regulations.

  4. Project Management: Manage and oversee various projects, ensuring they are completed on time and to a high standard.

  5. Communication Bridge: Act as a communication bridge between different departments within the company, ensuring smooth information flow and effective execution.

  6. Data Analysis: Collect and analyze operational data to provide decision support and improvement suggestions.

  7. Risk Management: Identify and assess operational risks, proposing and implementing appropriate countermeasures.

  1. Educational Background: Bachelor's degree or above, preferably in Business Administration, Law, Finance, or related fields.

  2. Work Experience: Over 3 years of experience in operations management, project management, or related fields, with experience in compliance or legal liaison preferred.

  3. Communication Skills: Excellent communication and collaboration skills, capable of effectively working with various teams.

  4. Organizational Skills: Strong organizational and coordination abilities, capable of managing multiple projects and ensuring timely completion.

  5. Analytical Skills: Good data analysis skills, able to propose optimization suggestions based on data.

  6. Detail-Oriented: Attention to detail, with strong problem-solving abilities.

  7. Language Skills: Excellent proficiency in both Chinese and English, capable of working in a bilingual environment.

Assistant Operations Manager

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