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Job Responsibilities

• Manage and analyze daily exchange data, including user data and activity data.

• Develop exchange operation strategies to enhance business volume, including strategies for user activation and retention, user segmentation, and fee management.

• Build and analyze user profiles to support operation strategies on the user side, optimize product experience, and manage the entire lifecycle of users.

• Design exchange activities to increase user activity, retention, and conversion rates.

• Manage the exchange’s back-end system, regularly review, and analyze data.


• Experience in cryptocurrency or stock exchange operations and growth is preferred.

• Sensitive to data with strong data analysis capabilities, adept at data-driven operations.

• Strong execution skills, patient, serious, and responsible towards work.

• Good at coordinating within and outside the team, strong self-motivation, and execution ability.

• Fluent in Chinese and English communication, with strong English copywriting skills.

Senior Operations Manager

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