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HashKey Capital Reveals "Digital Asset Valuation Framework" Book at Web3 Festival Hong Kong

Updated: Apr 11

Hong Kong, April 8, 2024 -– Jupiter Zheng, Partner, Liquid Funds and Research at HashKey Capital, successfully delivered a keynote presentation introducing key concepts in "Digital Asset Valuation Framework," HashKey Capital’s new book during Hong Kong Web3 Festival. This latest book from HashKey Capital is available in both English and Chinese language editions and can be purchased at from May 2024 onwards.

The book provides a comprehensive framework for valuing digital assets like cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other blockchain-based assets. As the cryptocurrency and Web3 space continues rapidly evolving, robust valuation models are becoming crucial for investors, funds, and companies in this arena – particularly in today’s reality of meme finance, where asset prices can become detached from their underlying value.

Jupiter provided an overview of the book's key frameworks and methodologies for valuing digital assets. He discussed the unique challenges and considerations for analyzing the value propositions and market dynamics of these new asset classes.

"In our new book, we cover a total of 17 methodologies, including how digital assets' value is influenced by various factors. We discuss concepts like Moore's Law and Metcalfe's Law, which help us understand asset prices. We also look at metrics such as the Stock-to-Flow ratio, P/S ratio, NVT ratio, DCF, and NCAVPT to give a clear picture of the value and market trends of digital assets. This book is essential for anyone interested in digital assets' past, present, and future." - Jupiter Zheng, Partner, Liquid Funds and Research at HashKey Capital.

 "Digital Asset Valuation Framework” offers highly valuable perspectives for fund managers, analysts, developers, entrepreneurs and anyone seriously involved in the Web3 space. Attendees of Jupiter’s session gained knowledge directly from the authors of one of the latest and most comprehensive works on digital asset valuation. For more information on the book, visit


About HashKey Capital

Global in influence and crypto-native, HashKey Capital is a digital asset and blockchain leader helping institutions, founders and talents advance the blockchain industries.

As one of the largest crypto funds and the earliest institutional investor in Ethereum, HashKey Capital has managed over US$1 billion in client assets since its inception, with over 600 investments in infrastructure, tools, and applications.

With our deep knowledge across the blockchain ecosystem, HashKey Capital has built a robust network connecting founders, investors, developers, and regulators.



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