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HashKey Cloud Partners with Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund

Hong Kong,12 March, 2024 – HashKey Cloud, a leading innovator in blockchain technology services, is excited to announce its partnership with Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund is an institutional client to utilize HashKey Cloud's specialized node validation services. This partnership is not just a testament to the companies' leadership in the digital asset space, but also their mutual dedication to advancing the ecosystem through cutting-edge solutions.

Through this collaboration, HashKey Cloud will provide its expertise in node validation services to Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund, demonstrating the synergistic potential between these two industry giants. The partnership not only establishes a strong alliance but also highlights their joint commitment to enhancing the digital asset domain with innovative offerings.

Leo Li, CEO of HashKey Cloud, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to welcome Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund as our institutional client. This partnership not only showcases the robustness of our node validation services but also underlines the significance of legal and compliance frameworks in creating a secure and thriving digital asset ecosystem."

This groundbreaking partnership is set to influence the future of blockchain technology positively, offering institutional clients a reliable framework to participate in node validation activities confidently. It signifies HashKey Cloud's dedication to establishing a trusted platform where clients can fully leverage the capabilities of node validation services within a compliant and evolving regulatory landscape.


About HashKey Cloud 

HashKey Cloud, as a leading provider of global Web3 infrastructure and a core member of the HashKey Group, focuses on delivering professional, stable, secure, and compliant blockchain services to clients worldwide. Since 2018, we have been deeply committed to blockchain infrastructure technologies, with our node validation services covering over 40 mainstream public chains and continuous exploration into Ethereum Layer2 and Bitcoin Lightning Network technologies. We have upgraded our product line as Web3 transitions from foundational technology to application development. We aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients and provide top-notch services to the global market.

About Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund

Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund I mainly participates in seed and private placement rounds of early-stage blockchain projects, covering fields including but not limited to blockchain infrastructure, decentralized applications, Web3 SaaS service tools, metaverse, and NFT applications. The fund team will continue to cultivate the blockchain venture capital market, striving to discover more innovative and value-generating start-ups and teams.

Pacific Waterdrip Digital Asset Fund II’s investment positions will primarily be in digital assets with POS as the consensus mechanism. Based on the fund team’s extensive experience in the industry and assessments of the macroeconomic environment, it will enhance returns through market timing, decentralized node validation, and other methods. At the same time, it will use financial derivatives and other instruments to control risk and lock in profits during extreme one-sided market situations.



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