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HashKey Exchange and Purise Join Forces to Pave the Way for a Compliant Financial Era

Hong Kong, October 27, 2023 — The licensed virtual asset exchange in Hong Kong, HashKey Exchange and Web3 data services provider Purise, have announced a strategic partnership memorandum with the aim of offering multidimensional, compliant digital asset trading and data analytic services to the global financial community.

In this partnership, HashKey Exchange and Purise will work closely in areas like virtual assets, financial compliance, and data analysis. Both aim to explore diverse possibilities within the compliant financial framework, striving to provide more comprehensive and convenient integrated services to participants in the Web3 ecosystem.


Both companies believe in a future where digital asset trading and data services are secure, efficient, and transparent. HashKey Exchange is a licensed virtual asset exchange in Hong Kong known for its secure and compliant trading platform. Purise specializes in providing accurate and timely digital asset data through blockchain technology and data analysis.


Both parties believe that this partnership is based on a shared vision for the Web3 space, aiming to provide digital asset holders with safer, more efficient, and transparent trading and data services. HashKey Exchange, as a licensed virtual asset exchange regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission, known for its compliant trading platform designed under regulatory framework and holds an experienced professional team to offer users a secure, compliant, and seamless trading experience. Purise, specializes in providing accurate and timely digital asset data through blockchain technology and data analysis.


Livio Weng, Chief Operating Officer of HashKey Group, said, "We are delighted to establish this strategic partnership with Purise. We believe that by leveraging each other's strengths and sharing resources, we can offer users a higher-quality virtual asset trading and data service while injecting fresh vitality into the industry."


Newphi, CEO of Purise, said, "We are honored to partner with HashKey Exchange, which is an important step forward for us in the field of compliant finance. We're looking forward to creating a safer and smarter platform for virtual asset trading and data, while also supporting the growth of the Web3.0 ecosystem. "


HashKey Exchange and Purise look forward to pushing further development in the compliant financial field in future cooperation, creating greater value for users.


About HashKey Exchange

On a mission to set the bar for virtual asset exchanges in compliance, safety, and security, Hash Blockchain Limited (HashKey Exchange) is among the first batch of licensed virtual asset exchanges to offer retail services in Hong Kong. HashKey Exchange has received approval from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong to operate a virtual asset trading platform under Type 1 (Dealing in securities) licence and Type 7 (Providing automated trading services) licence. As HashKey Group's exchange business, HashKey Exchange provides all-in-one trading services for both professional investors (PI) and retail investors. HashKey Exchange has obtained ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 27701 (Data Privacy) management system certifications.


Stay tuned for more details about HashKey Exchange.

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For media enquiries and more information, please contact:HashKey Exchange Luna Wang Senior PR Manager


About Purise


Purise focuses on big data analysis and technology services in Web 3.0, providing comprehensive trading quotes, data analysis and data visualization services. Purise is committed to providing participants in the Web 3.0 ecosystem with comprehensive, real-time data quotes and news information, as well as customized data services and solutions, and combining data analysis and artificial intelligence technology to provide investors and traders with market trend analysis and investment decision support.



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