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HashKey Launches Hong Kong's First Licensed Virtual Asset Exchange App and Unveils HSK Roadmap

Hong Kong, November 1, 2023 — The licensed virtual asset exchange HashKey has received approval from the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission to launch full mobile trading capabilities. Dr. XIAO Feng, Chairman and CEO of HashKey Group, together with Livio Weng, COO of HashKey Group, unveiled the HashKey Exchange APP, announcing the official launch of the first licensed virtual asset exchange App in Hong Kong.  HashKey Exchange has selected HSK, HashKey EcoPoints, as its platform token, unveiling new use cases and user participation plans for HSK.

Livio Weng, COO of HashKey Group said: "In the year since the Hong Kong government released its 'Policy Statement on the Development of Virtual Assets in Hong Kong', we have witnessed the implementation of VASP policies. Following the recent industry turmoil, this launch also means Hong Kong now has an App that is compliant, safe, and smooth for trading. HashKey boasts in compliance and security, providing features like safe asset custody, independent audits, and insurance coverage to ensure users' assets are securely protected.


Livio Weng further stated, "In addition, HashKey has leveraged its licensing advantage to establish fiat on-and-off ramps with multiple banks, including Hong Kong issuing banks. Users can directly deposit Hong Kong Dollars or US Dollars using their bank cards and engage in trading on HKD and USD trading pairs, alleviating concerns within industry related such as freezing of bank accounts. "


Since its launch, HashKey Exchange has accumulated a total trading volume exceeding 600 million US dollars, with a 24-hour trading volume surpassing 100 million US dollars on October 30th. The fiat trading zone has gradually become a distinctive feature of HashKey. The HKD/USD trading pair has seen volumes of 240 million Hong Kong dollars and 450 million Hong Kong dollars in the past 30 days, respectively.


"For the launch of the HashKey Exchange App, the team has done a lot of polishing on the details. The App's user experience is now smooth and simple, which will break the industry's stereotype that licensed exchanges are difficult to use. For example, the time required for users to fill in and submit information for KYC processes has been reduced from originally 28 minutes to just 8 minutes."

"The HashKey Exchange App is a brand new paradigm for centralized exchanges. With the launch of the HashKey Exchange App, it marks the shift of licensed exchanges from niche to mainstream, which will be a monumental moment in the evolution of virtual asset exchanges."


At the same time, HashKey Exchange announced its selection of HSK as the platform token. HSK will serve as a bond to incentivize ecosystem contributors. HashKey Exchange will empower the expansion of HSK's application scenarios, promoting sustained growth of institutional users, professional investors, retail users and communities. This will provide solid support for expanding the HashKey ecosystem.


HSK, HashKey EcoPoints, is an ERC-20 Token released by HashKey Group. HashKey Group has also unveiled the HSK roadmap. The HSK economic model will be closely tied to the long-term interests of ecosystem contributors. Holders will not only enjoy a range of platform benefits such as fee discounts but also possess specific rights in aspects like asset issuance.


HashKey Group announces its plan to explore innovative asset issuance services based on compliance advantages. The company intends to launch a globally leading asset issuance platform for high-quality assets and empower HSK holders.


HashKey Exchange has launched a 0 trading fee campaign during the App launch period, with all trading fees waived for all clients. New users registering and opening an account via the HashKey Exchange App will receive corresponding HSK rewards. At the same time, more HSK can be obtained through participating in referral campaigns. During the App launch period, by applying to become an ambassador and inviting users to complete KYC, extra rewards can be obtained, with a limited time doubling HSK rewards, specific rules can be viewed in the App.


HashKey Exchange App has launched on both iOS and Android, and is available for download in major App stores. Experience the safe, compliant, smooth and simple process of the exchange App immediately.


The 2023 Hong Kong FinTech Week is full in progress. We will once again witness together the power of innovation, see more virtual asset friendly policies implemented, and explore more future fintech application scenarios. HashKey will also work with other Web3 builders to accelerate industry innovation and compliant development, creating a greater future for the Web3 economy.


About HashKey Exchange

On a mission to set the bar for virtual asset exchanges in compliance, safety, and security, Hash Blockchain Limited (HashKey Exchange) has been granted as the first batch of licensed virtual asset exchanges to offer retail services in Hong kong. HashKey Exchange has recently received approval from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong to operate a virtual asset trading platform under Type 1 (Dealing in securities) licence and Type 7 (Providing automated trading services) licence. As HashKey Group's exchange business, HashKey Exchange provides all-in-one trading services for both professional investors (PI) and retail investors. HashKey Exchange has obtained ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 27701 (Data Privacy) management system certifications.


Stay tuned for more details about HashKey Exchange.

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About HashKey Group

HashKey Group is an end-to-end digital asset financial services group in Asia. The Group provides a complete ecosystem across the entire digital asset landscape, ranging from trading, custody, venture investment, technologies to Web3 infrastructure. HashKey’s senior team has decades of investment and trading experience and deep market insights gained from tier-one banks, regulators and FinTech ventures. By bringing together the most advanced blockchain research and development and technologies, HashKey identifies potential opportunities and delivers end-to-end solutions that operate within regulatory frameworks with the highest compliance standards. The Group has operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, and extensive partnerships with FinTech and blockchain solutions providers, academic institutions and associations.



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