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HashKey Exchange, RD Technologies, and Allinpay International Has Reached an Intent of Cooperation on Stablecoin Business

Hong Kong, 6 February 2024 - The Hong Kong licensed virtual assets trading platform, HashKey Exchange, announced today that it has reached an intent of cooperation with RD Technologies and international financial payment company Allinpay International. The partnership is set to redefine the user experience of payment services through the possible use of stablecoins. 

The partnership is expected to cover different use cases of online and offline payment transactions using stablecoins. Through the partnership, the three parties will leverage individual strengths in business and product offerings, which include a secure and compliant digital currency trading service, an extensive and diverse network for offline merchant acceptance, and innovative stablecoin development technologies.

Together, HashKey Exchange, RD Technologies and Allinpay International aspire to collectively foster the adoption and popularity of stablecoins in retail and cross-border payments, and to offer merchants a next-generation digital finance solution with the goal to providing a seamless and convenient payment services with accelerated transaction times for both local and cross-border payment, reduced transaction fees and expanded customer base.

Livio Weng, CEO of HashKey Exchange and COO of HashKey Group, remarked, “We are thrilled to embark on this strategic collaboration with Allinpay International and RD Technologies, which is set to significantly advance the promotion and adoption of digital currencies, offering users more convenient and secure digital financial services."

Richard Zheng, VP, Allinpay International, expressed, “As a global acquirer and cross-border payment service provider, Allinpay boasts a comprehensive suite of capabilities in fiat currency payment clearing and settlement. Through our collaboration with HashKey Exchange and RD Technologies, we are poised to embrace the Web 3.0 era, bridging the realms of fiat currencies, digital currencies and stablecoins. This partnership marks a significant expansion in our service offering, as we aim to provide both online and offline merchants, as well as users, with more flexible and efficient payment and financial technology services.”

Rita Liu, Chief Executive Officer, RD Technologies, highlighted, “In this upcoming collaboration, RD Technologies is exploring the potential launch of a Hong Kong Dollar stablecoin, HKDR, which will be the cornerstone as we join forces with HashKey Exchange and Allinpay International to develop and integrate our respective technologies and resources. Together, we will create better cross-border payment solutions, use cases and an ecosystem for the development of stablecoins, which aligns with RD Technologies' vision of building an interconnected business world. We are excited about this collaboration's potential to bring much more value for our users and contribute to the development of Web 3.0 and the digital finance landscape in Hong Kong.”


The three parties express great anticipation within the collaborative framework, foreseeing an ever-expanding horizon for stablecoin adoptions that will inject a surge of innovation into the fintech industry. The partnership is not only a testament to the joint efforts of the three parties but also a robust and proactive response to the digital financial era. It embodies our commitment to driving the digital evolution within the financial sector, infusing new energy into the push for a digital transformation.

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About HashKey Exchange:

On a mission to set the bar for virtual asset exchanges in compliance, safety, and security, Hash Blockchain Limited (HashKey Exchange) has been granted as the first batch of licensed virtual asset exchanges to offer retail services in Hong Kong. HashKey Exchange has recently received approval from the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong to operate a virtual asset trading platform under Type 1 (Dealing in securities) licence and Type 7 (Providing automated trading services) licence. As HashKey Group's exchange business, HashKey Exchange provides all-in-one trading services for both professional investors (PI) and retail investors. HashKey Exchange has obtained ISO 27001 (Information Security) and ISO 27701 (Data Privacy) management system certifications. Stay tuned for more details about HashKey Exchange.


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About Allinpay International:

 Allinpay International is an international financial payment company, committed to providing diversified payment solutions and digital financial technology services for global merchants and customers. The company's business covers aggregate payment, global account, international remittance, currency exchange and so on. The company focuses on building a business system with payment + account products as the core, financial services + technology scenario output as the auxiliary, and providing payment + exchange services for digital currency scenarios with the help of the qualifications of cooperative licensed institutions.

About RD Technologies:


RD Technologies Group (“RD Technologies”) deploys innovative fintech to build a business world interconnected by trust. Based in Hong Kong and connected with the global community, RD Technologies was born out of a mission to enable businesses to gain easier access to financial services, enhance trade efficiency, and promote the development of Hong Kong as a trade hub in Asia and an international financial centre.

For details:

About HKD Stablecoin (HKDR):


HKDR is the Hong Kong dollar stablecoin that RD Technologies is exploring to launch. HKDR’s value will be 1:1 in Hong Kong dollars, and its backing reserves will be made up of high-quality, highly liquid assets safekept in a segregated custody account with a licensed bank. Details of the reserves will be available to the public through independent third-party attestation reports published on a regular basis.

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