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HashKey Platform Token HSK Rolls Out First Round 10 Million Airdrop

HashKey platform token HSK kicks off its official airdrop. Participants can now access the exclusive airdrop channel via the DejenDog (大金狗) Telegram bot ( to claim HSK. A total of 10,000,000 HSK are being distributed ahead of its planned listing in Q3 2024.


Participants will randomly receive a base amount of Eligible HSK after logging into DejenDog

  • Invite 3 friends: 3x base allocation

  • Invite 3 friends and subscribe to the channel ( 5x base allocation

  • Log in via community partner link: 5x base allocation*

  • Connect wallet and pass eligibility check: Up to 100x base allocation

"DejenDog" Tap-to-Earn More Eligible HSK

To win additional Eligible HSK, participants can play a Tap-to-Earn "DejenDog" mini-game. By tapping on the Husky-themed dog character, users will earn HIT points, which can be redeemed for more Eligible HSK or used to access DApps on HashKey's L2 "Ecosystem Chain", HashKey Chain. Limited "Golden Doggy Bag" blind boxes with Eligible HSK or other tokens from HSK ecosystem partners will be given away at the launch of this game.

HSK Benefits

HSK has a total supply of 1 billion units, with 65% allocated for ecosystem growth. HSK will be used in a wide range of scenarios, including community rewards, exclusive token pre-sales right, cross-platform ecosystem collaborations, transaction fee discounts and business growth activities on HashKey Global, the global flagship digital asset exchange. Furthermore, HSK will provide robust support for on-chain users and assets on the HashKey Chain.

*Apply to be a community partner:

*Eligible HSK can be converted to HSK upon meeting specific conditions


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