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HashKey Group and SlowMist Forge Strategic Partnership to Build Cutting-Edge and Secure Digital Asset Services

Hong Kong, March 17, 2023 - HashKey Group and SlowMist are pleased to announce a strategic partnership to collaborate on digital asset ecosystem security, anti-money laundering for digital assets, cutting-edge security technology research, and other technology fields. The goal of the partnership is to explore and develop comprehensive security standards and solutions that will continue to strengthen the safeguards for HashKey Group's business lines.


SlowMist has focused on blockchain security for years. Whether in terms of comprehensiveness or cutting-edge technology, it maintains a leading position in the industry. As a leader in digital asset management and blockchain technology solutions, HashKey Group continuously maintains its leading position in the fast-growing fintech field through constant innovation. This strategic cooperation is expected to provide HashKey Group with higher security standards and contribute to the progress and security development of the entire industry.


Focus areas of the partnership:


1. Security in digital asset ecosystem


With years of experience in the blockchain ecosystem, SlowMist offers a wide range of comprehensive security solutions, including security audits, blockchain threat intelligence (BTI), defense deployment, as well as anti-money laundering (AML) and cryptocurrency tracking (MistTrack) services. Additionally, services such as fake deposit vulnerability scanning, vulnerability monitoring (Vulpush), crypto hack archives (SlowMist Hacked), and smart contract firewall (FireWall.X) are available as SaaS security products.


Under the strategic partnership, SlowMist will provide HashKey Group with tailored security solutions from threat discovery to defense, continuously guaranteeing the security of HashKey Group's businesses. Together, they will build HashKey Group's most critical security gate to deal with various security issues encountered in their development journey.


SlowMist has been focused on security audits for years, providing deeper and more detailed audits than other penetration testing services. These audits promptly discover potential vulnerabilities and provide solutions and security recommendations to improve HashKey Group's best security practices, preventing future risks. SlowMist's related security services already cover top platforms in hundreds of industries, including both centralised and decentralised platforms. The SlowMist team has audited more than 1,500 well-known smart contracts, covering Ethereum, Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)-based blockchains, EOS, Fabric, Solana, Klaytn, Aptos, and other public blockchains. During these audits, SlowMist discovered hundreds of high-risk and medium-risk vulnerabilities. With SlowMist's experience and technology capabilities, they aim to take HashKey Group's security to the next level.


SlowMist will also provide Red Teaming services to HashKey Group. SlowMist believes that only by assessing security at the same level of thinking as real attackers can an enterprise fully understand their actual security situation. Red Teaming will evaluate real vulnerabilities in HashKey Group's enterprise staff, business systems, supply chains, office systems, and physical security. Based on the assessment results and HashKey Group's actual security needs, SlowMist will provide optimal graded security defense solutions to primarily protect vulnerable core nodes and effectively increase attackers' costs.


In addition, SlowMist will provide HashKey Group with security consulting services to solve the needs of the entire security system and security lifecycle for target projects. They will also provide HashKey Group with comprehensive asset security solutions for online hot assets, cold assets, and DeFi assets, effectively helping HashKey Group improve the security and stability of their assets.


2. Anti-Money Laundering for Digital Assets


SlowMist provides an AML/CFT compliance solution with two key products, MistTrack and Malicious Address Library, to better defend against cybercriminals and protect user digital assets. MistTrack ( focuses on cryptocurrency flow, address monitoring, hacker profiles, investigation and freezing, among other aspects. Combining multidimensional malicious address data and comprehensive address subject label data, MistTrack detects problematic assets on the blockchain (KYT) for HashKey Group, effectively blocking money laundering activities in a timely manner. Currently, MistTrack supports eight chains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, Tron, Polygon, IoTeX, and Arbitrum, and has served over 90 clients with a total of over $1 billion in recovered assets.


The Malicious Address Library utilises open-source data, blockchain honeypots, artificial intelligence, and information provided by customers and partners to extract reliable anti-money laundering data in real-time, including ransomware, stolen cryptocurrencies, Ponzi schemes, phishing, dark web markets, and sanctions entities. According to the needs of HashKey Group, it can be applied to different scenarios such as trading platforms, wallets, or other asset management platforms to block money laundering activities during asset transfer processes, effectively verify the source of HashKey Group's verified assets, resist fraud, and ensure asset security and compliance.


3. Cutting-Edge Security Technology Research


The global regulation of blockchain security has created a significant demand for security and compliance, while also providing new development opportunities for blockchain security technology. As a leading blockchain security company, SlowMist closely monitors both the innovation of security technology and the development of the blockchain market. Through cooperation with HashKey Group, SlowMist will leverage its deep understanding of various fields, combined with the research and unique insights of HashKey Group's professional investment team, to study and explore the opportunities for these new technologies in development. This will consolidate HashKey Group's position as a leader in top digital asset financial service groups.


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For media enquiries and more information, please contact:


HashKey Group

Jason Li

Marketing and Client Strategy Manager


Slowmist team



About HashKey Group


HashKey Group is an end-to-end digital asset financial services group in Asia. The Group provides a complete ecosystem across the entire digital asset landscape, ranging from trading, custody, venture investment, technologies to Web3 infrastructure. HashKey’s senior team has decades of investment and trading experience and deep market insights gained from tier-one banks, regulators and FinTech ventures. By bringing together the most advanced blockchain research and development and technologies, HashKey identifies potential opportunities and delivers end-to-end solutions that operate within regulatory frameworks with the highest compliance standards. The Group has operations in Hong Kong, Singapore and Japan, and extensive partnerships with FinTech and blockchain solutions providers, academic institutions and associations.




About SlowMist


SlowMist is a blockchain security firm established in January 2018. The firm was started by a team with over ten years of network security experience to become a global force. SlowMist is now a renowned international blockchain security firm that has worked on various well-known projects. SlowMist provides a range of services that include, but are not limited to, security audits, threat information, bug bounties, defense deployment, security consultants, and other security-related services. With an effective security product lineup, SlowMist has partnerships with domestic and international firms such as Akamai, Cloudflare, BitDefender, FireEye, TianJi Partners, IPIP, etc. By delivering a comprehensive security solution customised to individual projects, SlowMist has been able to find and publish several high-risk blockchain security flaws. SlowMist’s goal is to make the blockchain ecosystem as secure as possible for everyone. 







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