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Responsible for the overall operation of AIProduct:

Agent Developer/Creator Operation: Increase the number of Agentproducers-》Increase the number of Agents

AI Product User Operation: Social Media/Community, Build Brand and User Influence, and Collect User Needs

Partner Operation: Connect and formulate partner operation/marketing plans to promote the growth of AI Product users

Platform operation: sort out the life cycle of different user types and intervene in operation actions


1.Bachelor's degree, 3-5 years of experience in technology operational area

2.Interested in AI, familiar with AI industry trends, relevant experience is preferred

3.Experience in user operations of platform-based products and familiar with their methodologies

4.Experience in the blockchain industry and has held operational/marketing related positions

5.Experience in development operations is preferred

6.Proficiency in English is a big plus

Product Operations Manager

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