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Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Leading the research, design, development and maintenance of the public chaindocking scheme

  • Leading the development and maintenance of asset management tool systems

  • Leading research and development of blockchain basic technologies (cryptography, smart contracts, consensus, etc.)


  • Proficient in one or more programming languages of NodeJS, GO, Python and Java, with good programming habits and codingstyle, proficient in using common development frameworks, and have a good understanding and practice of software engineering.

  • Proficient in version management tools such as Git

  • Proficient in middleware such as MongoDB、MySQL、Redis、Message QueueProficient in basic algorithm principles and implementation

  • Familiar with mainstream public chain technology and working principle

  • Strong interest and passion for the blockchain industry

  • Strong learning ability, quick thinking, clear logic, strong sense of safety, and good sense of teamwork

  • At least 2 years of relevant work experience in exchange wallet development.

  • Experience in open source technology projects with more than 500 Github starsis a big plus

  • Research papers in the field of cryptography published is also a big plus

Senior Technical Director

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