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Clarification Announcement

We, HashKey Group, have noted certain rumours on the internet alleging that Mr. Xiao Feng, Chairman of HashKey Group, is a member of the "Advisory Board" of an organization called "HKDC-香港数字资产发展中心."


We hereby make a solemn statement and clarification that the aforementioned rumours are not true. Chairman Xiao Feng and HashKey Group do not have any form of cooperation or partnership with the said "HKDC-香港数字资产发展中心." We unanimously, severely and categorically condemn such acts of rumour spreading, and all our rights are hereby reserved.


We urge all market participants to remain vigilant and avoid potential risks caused by the abovementioned rumours and should only be based on our official announcements. If you receive any information that may cause confusion, please email for clarification.


HashKey Group is committed to working with market participants to create an orderly, secure, and professional environment that promotes the healthy and sustainable development of the virtual asset trading industry.



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