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HashKey Cloud Announces Entry into Restaking Arena

Updated: Apr 11

Hong Kong, April 7, 2024 - HashKey Cloud, a leading provider of blockchain infrastructure solutions, took center stage at the Hong Kong Web3 Festival on April 7, 2024, as it hosted an 'Open Stage' event themed around "Restaking" and made a significant announcement during the keynote address, declaring its formal entry into the Restaking arena apart from classic node validation services, sparking lively discussions among industry leaders presented.

In the keynote address segment, Kathy Qu, Research Manager at HashKey Cloud, centered around “New Opportunities in Node Validation”.

She emphasized HashKey Cloud's continuous deep engagement in providing Web3 infrastructure services represented by node validation featuring non-custodial service, on-chain validation, and slashing coverage, with over 80 public chains supported, and a rank of TOP3 and TOP10 (by AUM), respectively in Asia and Global Markets since 2018.

She introduced HashKey Cloud's brand new product line, including STO infrastructure services, and Layer2.

She also elucidated HashKey Cloud's decision to provide technical services to support users who wish to participate in Restaking. HashKey Cloud is one of the first node operators to support EigenLayer, dedicated to contributing to the new security mechanism and strategically and safely choose modules to operate from a technical perspective.

Dencun Upgrade went live on 13 March 2024, a feature of which is significantly reduced transaction fees (≈10×), and increased security of staking-related applications.

Restaking protocols have been highly popular over the past year. EigenLayer pioneered the restaking concept and has seen rapid growth, with a TVL of $11.34 billion and a growing ecosystem of projects using it like EigenDA, AltLayer, and Lagrange, and can resolve the fundamental shortcomings in the current organization of the AVS ecosystem, such as boot issues with new AVS; value leakage; burden of capital cost, and lower trust model of DApps.

Against such a background, HashKey Cloud has joined hands with the restaking giant EigenLayer and has made preliminary achievements:

HashKey Cloud has become an EigenLayer Node Operator, achieving an AUM of $100m+

Provide One-Stop & Non-Custodial technical solutions to support Restaking

Flexible Fee Structure

Selective AVS Strategy

Out-of-box Integration Solution for Platforms

Support from regulatory and compliant OTC partners including Fiat On Ramp/Off Ramp

The panel discussion "From Staking to Restaking: A New Era of Staking Economy" witnessed insightful contributions from prominent figures in the Restaking industry.

Sreeram Kannan, Founder of EigenLayer, elaborated on how EigenLayer creates value for users and operators;

David Tse, Co-Founder of BabylonChain, talked about the similarities and differences between EigenLayer on Ethereum and what Babylon offers to users;

Dorothy Liu, Head of Growth at, explained the intention of Altlayer to launch a Restaked Rollup product, and how Altlayer adds additional benefits to original rollup;

Lucas Kozinski, Founding Contributor of Renzo Protocol, shared why Renzo Protocol thinks it is important to have a liquid restaking in the ecosystem?

And Ranvir Rana, Co-Founder of WitnessChain, explained why WitnessChain chose to build an AVS focused on DePIN? And what use cases does Witness Chain want to enable?

In the conclusion section, all the panelists envisioned opportunities in the restaking space, challenges, and setbacks preventing restaking from being the norm within the restaking ecosystem.


About HashKey Cloud

HashKey Cloud, a leading provider of global Web3 infrastructure and a core member of the HashKey Group, focuses on delivering professional, stable, and secure blockchain services to clients worldwide. Since 2018, we have been deeply committed to blockchain infrastructure technologies, with our node validation services covering over 50 mainstream public chains and continuous exploration into Ethereum Layer2 and Bitcoin Lightning Network technologies. We have upgraded our product line as Web3 transitions from foundational technology to application development. Our new product line includes compliant liquidity node validation products (EPotter), STO infrastructure services, and Layer 2. We aim to meet the diverse needs of our clients and provide top-notch services to the global market.

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